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The COPO Camaro was what Chevrolet built to get a High Performance 427 Cubic Inch 425 Horsepower Big Block Mark IV engine into an assembly line factory Camaro. These COPO Camaros were limited production and did not show up in the official factory or showroom brochures. Most of us know about the 1969 COPO and Yenko Camaros, but the story is more interesting. These COPO Camaros were "Special High Performance Units"


The 427 COPO Camaro was built for a purpose:
to Rule The Street and to compete and win at the Drag Strip.

Initially accepted by the AHRA and enventually by the NHRA,
427 COPO Camaros left their mark in Muscle Car History!

The most commonly known COPO Camaro is the Yenko Camaro, which was supervised by
new car dealer / sports car racer Don Yenko. COPOs were built before and after this legendary 1969 model.

Don Yenko Memorial Display Click Here!!

Here are some pages about the Yenko and COPO Camaros:


Check out the newest COPO Camaro from SEMA 2011.
(Video courtesy of Chevrolet)

The 1969 COPO Camaros were so significant, that they inspired
the creation of the 2012 ZL1 Camaro! Click here to see more!


The Yenko/COPO Camaro book has been placed on hold indefinitely due to health reasons. Please check back for possible release.



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Daily Camaro COPO Performance News:


GM Authority (blog)

Chevrolet Begins COPO Camaro Contingency Program For 2015 NHRA Season
GM Authority (blog)
Chevrolet is giving its COPO Camaro customers an extra reason to give it their all this NHRA season. A new contingency incentive has been put in place for 2015 that will pay out racers fielding COPO Camaro factory drag cars for winning races in the ...

Car and Driver (blog)

Dressed for the Drags: 2015 COPO Camaro Wants to Do a Burnout on Your Face
Car and Driver (blog)
You'd be hard-pressed to find four letters in the Chevrolet vernacular that carry as much weight among the bow-tie faithful than, C, O, P, and, uh, O. Smash them together, and you've got COPO, an acronym for Central Office Production Order, the semi ...

Autoblog (blog)

2015 Chevrolet COPO Camaro is the king of our quarter-mile dreams
Autoblog (blog)
LAS VEGAS – Chevrolet introduced the 2015 COPO Camaro today at the SEMA Show. It's the fourth edition of the limited-production, factory-built race car – and the final version for the Gen 5 Camaro. As with the previous three model years, only 69 will ...
2015 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Debuts At SEMAMotor Authority
The 2015 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Debuts with a New Look, 4 EnginesTorque News
2015 COPO Camaro Marks The Last Year Of The Fifth-Gen: SEMA 2014GM Authority (blog)
Motor Trend -NetCarShow.com -Carscoops (blog)
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GM Authority (blog)

1969 Chevrolet COPO Chevelle Is Something Special: eBay Find
GM Authority (blog)
Surfing through eBay, we stumbled upon this beautiful machine. What you see here is a true, fully documented, 1969 COPO Chevelle, about three times as rare as a COPO Camaro when considering production numbers. 323 of these cars were ever built, with ...

Video: 2013 Copo Camaro vs 1967 Chevrolet Camaro
Designed specifically for the drag strip, the Chevrolet Copo Camaro is certainly one of the most potent machines available to the everyday consumer with enough money to buy one. In 2013-specification, the Copo Camaro is available with three different ...

duPont REGISTRY (blog)

2014 COPO Camaro For Sale
duPont REGISTRY (blog)
If you weren't one of the lucky sixty-nine to win the drawing to be able to purchase a 2014 COPO, we have a special treat for you. For sale is a showroom new example finished in “Red Hot.” The discerning owner has logged zero miles on the odometer and ...

A 2014 COPO Camaro Has Surfaced On eBay
GM Authority (blog)
This particular COPO Camaro is located in Houston, Texas and sports a big 427-cubic inch V8. Chevrolet says this engine's good for 435-horsepower, though the seller gives an NHRA-rating of 430-hp. Regardless of how many horses are residing under the ...


2013 Copo Camaro 427 Races Ancestor from 1967 and Wins [Video]
Owning a Copo Camaro is the American equivalent of a date with the Queen or being married to a supermodel. Each year, they make 69 of these. Every auto shop in the country wants one, but you have to enter into a lottery and hope your number comes up.

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GM Authority (blog)

This 2014 COPO Camaro Is Available To General Public: eBay Find
GM Authority (blog)
A 2014 COPO Camaro with not a single mile on the dial is being sold on eBay with an end date of July 29th. The COPO program was resurrected in 2012 to pay homage to its ancestor, the 1969 COPO Camaro, with a limited production run of 69 for the model ...

GM Authority (blog)

Watch A COPO Camaro Make A Drag Pass In Underhood Video
GM Authority (blog)
COPO is a magical acronym to Chevrolet fans—it stands for the most powerful Chevys produced during the muscle car era. But it also stands for a modern-day Camaro drag car. Chevrolet has produced them in small quantities over the past few years, ...

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